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Champion for Muskegon

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. 

My life has been filled with great experiences that have led me to seek election for Muskegon County Commissioner in District 4.  Politics has become so divisive in recent years, as well as, how people are approaching each other. I want to take a different approach using common sense and doing what’s best for the most.

The current commission has many fine accomplishments and has set Muskegon on a course of progress. This needs to continue.

My main purpose if elected is to continue this upward trajectory and try to bring along all the stakeholders in Muskegon.  From our residents, to our business partners, County Leadership, Employees, and the many people who visit our great town.

The 2022 was a learning experience. After defeating my opponent in the Republican Primary, 1,800 to 1,200, it was on to the General Election. I was defeated by a well-known and experienced opponent in a very tight race, losing 6,875 to 6,346.

I learned a great deal from this election, with the most positive boost being how many people supported me in so many different ways. I look forward to the next challenge.

Business Experience

I have been in the orthopedic sales business for the past 30 years, with the last 15 years, working for the Miotech Orthopedic Group, based in Holt, Michigan.  The main company we represent is Donjoy, DJO Global, and now ENOVIS.  We are the largest manufacturer of orthopedic bracing products in the world.  It’s a great company to represent.

As a sales representative, I have had a very successful career, that has been highlighted by a few incredible years, which led to some National awards and opportunities to serve on national leadership teams.  It has been a great experience in learning to forge long lasting relationships, built on integrity, friendship, and hard work.

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I have been married to Paula Johnson Potts for 30 years.  She is a wonderful, beautiful, and intelligent person. She is an incredible partner and mother to our two daughters, Kennedy, and Logan. My wife has had a tremendous influence on our kids, nurturing them to be caring, smart, and competitive.

Kennedy, 25, and recent graduate of Law School at Michigan State University. A highlight of her law school education was a 3rd place, National finish in Moot Court Competition in 2023. She played varsity women’s volleyball at Western Michigan University, for 3 years, earning her spot on the team as a walk-on.   She graduated from Mona Shores near the top of her class, and competed in Volleyball, Golf, and Soccer.  Kennedy won the prestigious Muskegon Hall of Fame Female Athlete of Year Award in 2016.

Logan, at 20, is attending Wayne State University, on an academic and athletic scholarship, competing on the Women’s Golf Team.  She is studying to be a Special Education Teacher.  She also finished near the top of her class at Mona Shores HS, in 2020.  Logan was a phenomenal athlete, competing in Competitive Cheer  and  Girls’ Golf.  She was awarded All-State recognition in both sports; a rare feat. 

Our kids are our greatest investment of love, energy, and nurturing.  We are so proud of who they are and who they strive to become.

I grew up in Laketon township, born in 1968 to Thomas and Darlene Potts.  Both my parents were hard workers, giving their all to raise 5 kids. They both had dedicated work ethics and made a little go a long way.  I have 3 brothers, Tom, Marty, and Mike, and 1 sister, Ann (Judson). 

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I coached the Fruitport Girls Varsity Team from 1991 to 2007, building it into one of the best programs in the State. Being named #9 all time in top 10 dynasties in High School Volleyball. 

Check out the MLIVE article here.

In 2010, Tom Kendra of the Muskegon Chronicle called us the TEAM of the DECADE from 200-2010.  That is quite a feat with all the impressive Football programs in the area. 

To build a great program it took vision, discipline, sacrifice, and tremendous buy in from all the stakeholders that are involved. The athletes, parents, school administration, teachers, the community, and my family.

I was the catalyst, the driving force behind this quest for greatness, but I could never take all the credit. There were so many people along the way that helped make a huge difference.  The number one supporter was my wife, Paula.  She never got much credit, but I know who believed in me and gave me sage advice behind the scenes and supported my obsession to bring the Fruitport Girls Volleyball Program to elite status.

My proudest accomplishments at Fruitport is how we were able to elevate girls’ sports to higher levels of respect and recognition. They become role models for the younger girls to look up to a strive to be like.  

I believe that coaching parallels politics. As each issue, goal, or challenge arises, stakeholders need to be identified and collaborated with to achieve end results that benefit many.


When Mona Shores had an opening on the school board, I applied and was appointed to the Mona Shores School Board serving from 2008 to 2013. It was a great experience, taking part in something as important as our kid’s educations process. I enjoyed serving my community along with other committed individuals and some great leaders.

Some of the most important lessons I have learned as an elected official is that it was critical to listen to the people that I represented and to consider their opinions and expertise, as well as my own when making decisions.

It was important to be objective, and consider the consequences of new policy and budgetary decisions and its affects in the short, immediate, and long term. This experience will serve me well if I am elected as a Muskegon County Commissioner.

Most recently I’ve spent time bringing awareness to an important organization in Muskegon, READ Muskegon. An outstanding resource for improving adult literacy rates, which has a significant impact on Muskegon County.  

District 4

District 4 includes City of Norton Shores, City of Roosevelt Park and part of City of Muskegon.

If you live in District 4 please vote for me in the August 2nd Primary!

If you are looking for your voting district click the button below and search your address to find your voting district.

Dan Potts and Bob Scolnik, Boys and Girls Club


” I’ve worked hard to represent the voters in the County Commission District I’ve proudly served for the last 20 years. While it’s time for me to step away, I was concerned that my constituents…the residents of Muskegon County Commissioner District 4…should have excellent representation at the County in the future. I’m endorsing Dan Potts as my choice for County Commissioner in District 4. I’ve spent a lot of time talking to Dan and learning about his career, how he things and his leadership abilities.

He’s had a very successful business career, he served on the Mona Shores School board for four years and has had a terrific run as a Girls Varsity Volleyball Coach, winning a State Championship at Fruitport and then as a Mona Shores Varsity Coach. These very successful coaching activities show his dynamic leadership skills and his ability to get along with many types of personalities. He has a great family with two successful children, a terrific wife and partner of almost 30 years. I enthusiastically endorse Dan Potts for County Commissioner.”

– Bob Scolnik, County Commissioner

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